The Star of Texas Inn

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I thought I'd include some photos about the public parts of the house. We offer much more than just nice rooms and tasty breakfasts. Our place is good for small groups to get together. Occasionally, we have entire families book the house for a wedding party, or professional groups meet to discuss topics.

This is the mantle in the parlor. We supply cookies and sweets, as well as maps and guides to Austin.

You can see the guest fridge on the far left. We store sodas, lemonade and other refreshments for you. You can also use the fridge for storing leftovers from dinner out, or your wine or beer.

The mantle where we keep cookies The parlor is a nice place to meet people

The balcony and the porch are very nice. If the weather is nice when you come, plan on spending an hour or two just lazing around. You could bring some wine and cheese.

The balcony is really awesome when the weather is nice, or rainy

This table sits on the front porch. You are welcome to make your breakfast plate and eat outside, if you like. Both the porch and balcony face north, which is nice in the summer.

Tables are available for snacking and hanging out

The dining room deserves some mention. It's a pretty big room and seats 16 easily. I was hoping to get a picture to show how large it is, but it was kind of hard to get a good angle. So, I decided to focus on the aesthetics.

You can see the wide double doors that open into the room. There is also an entrance to the parlor, and also onto the front porch.

The dining room seats 16