The Star of Texas Inn

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Since you're online, your computer is probably a bit more modern than the antiquity on the right. If your reservation is straightforward, you should probably book online.

A few helpful hints:

  • Our number is 866-472-6700.

  • If you are travelling on University of Texas business, please call.

  • If you want to book for today, please call instead.

  • Online bookings are discounted at least $5/night discount from our regular rates! The discount is applied when you book.

  • Also check our sister property, The Austin Folk House.

I actually had one of those TRS-80 Model 3s when I was 11 years old.

An old computer

Of course, you can call, or send an email. We will collect your credit card number, so telephone calls are more appropriate than email.

Star of Texas Inn
611 W. 22nd St.
Austin, TX 78705
866-472-6700 (toll free)
512-472-6700 (local)
512-499-8075 (guest line)

An antique-looking phone