The Star of Texas Inn

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Room 18 is the largest room in the house. It is the attic room.

There is an entire sitting area with a futon, rocking chair and a lounger. The room is large enough to comfortably host two couples. The futon here opens into a queen bed.

The futon in Room 18

This is the vanity in the bathroom. The bathroom is really big. The lighting is odd in this picture, so I'll try to get another one when I know how to operate this camera.

Room 18's vanity

This is one of the antique tubs that I like so much. We remodeled this bathroom recently so that we could fit the shower ring and pipe in here. So if you used to know this bathroom, just know you can now shower, not just bathe.

I never stop going on about those antique tubs

Just another photo of the tub and the sink. I'm trying to demonstrate the size of the room.

Another view showing the sink, the entry and the tub.

The dresser and the dressing mirror.

A dresser and a dressing mirror

The main photo of Room 18.

The main photo of Room 18