The Star of Texas Inn

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Room 11 is downstairs, close to the guest fridge, fresh cookies and the front door.

This chair fits into the corner quite nicely.

A comfortable chair in Room 11

In case you come to Austin to work, all of our rooms have a desk in them. They also have phones, adequate lighting, etc. We also provide wireless internet access and an adapter for folks who have a laptop but no wireless.

The desk in Room 11

The bathroom is pretty hard to get good photos of, but I really wanted to show off the fruits of my labor over the last two weeks in mid-to-late August, 2005.

The old linoleum floor was torn pretty badly in one place, so I decided to replace it with ceramic tile. The floor required a bit of leveling, and I had to fill in a hole in the wood that was the source of the tear.

Additionally, The bathtub had been installed backwards originally, so I wanted to turn it around. This meant I had to replumb the drain as well as the water feeds. It was two days under the house. This picture is a good shot of the correctly oriented tub.

We wanted to add some color to the floor, so I randomly cut out squares in the tile sheets and replaced them with cobalt blue tiles.

This is also a really good shot at one of the old tubs in this house.

The new floor in Room 11's bathroom

A photo of the vanity with the new faucet. I really like these old style faucets with the porcelain cross-shaped handles. Since the sink (and all of the other fixtures) had to come out of the bathroom, I had to patch and repaint the walls.

The vanity in Room 11

The main photo of Room 11.

The main photo of Room 11