The Star of Texas Inn

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Room 10 is the only room with its own entrance. Some people prefer to have the extra privacy. It also has a small porch, nice for relaxing on.

The porch that belongs to Room 10

Another shot with the new paint.

New green paint!

It was raining the day I took this photo, but I think it looks really nice. The door to Room 10 is at the end of this walk.

The stone walk to Room 10

All of our rooms have a desk.

The desk in Room 10

The wardrobe, and a dresser with a TV. We offer cable TV, and we have a small DVD library for you to borrow from.

The wardrobe, and a dresser with a TV

This image of the vanity isn't so exciting, but folks always want to know what the bathrooms are like. This room has a shower.

The vanity in the bathroom

The best photo of the room I could get.

Most of the room in one photo